Cookeville Rotary Events


August 28 Gerry Helper -- Nashville Predators

October 9th US Senator John Rose

November 6th  Senator Paul Bailey representing Putnam, Jackson, Overton, White, Cumberland, and Bledsoe Counties

Tournament Dates:

August 24-25, 2019


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Pat Bagley, Chair International Grants

Cookeville Rotary Club is in the final stages of getting an International Grant approved to help with medical equipment purchases for a facility in Puebla, Mexico. Working with the Club Rotario Industrial de Puebla, a total of $15,000 was raised with the Rotary Club of Cookeville contributing $1,000. Clubs in Mexico contributed $2,500 with several other Rotary Clubs in our District and individual members making contributions ($11,500) with the total grant, along with District Matching Funds and Rotary International resulting in a total project of $35,000. The Rotary Club of Puebla has been supporting the Caritas Foundation for over 15 years in providing free medical care to poor Mexicans in Puebla. The grant will primarily replace old, worn-out hospital equipment and dental equipment to help those doctors, dentists, and physical therapists who donate their time and talents for those who cannot afford medical care.

In January, 2019 a group of 18 Tech students as part of a “Study-Abroad” went to Puebla and toured the facility.  Above photos show the students touring the facility and a picture of one of the bicycles used for rehabilitation. Of the 18 students, one is a nurse and the other a Physical Therapy major, making a presentation to our Rotary Board about the poor, dilapidated conditions and the great need for medical equipment support at Caritas. 


An IMPACT Leadership and Cookeville Rotary Project

Cindy Schueman

Our Rotary Club of Cookeville partnered with IMPACT Leadership for the High School Program called Workforce Literacy.  The selected students receive a two-day training session which includes Resume Building, Interviewing Skills, Diversity Awareness, Goal Setting, The Relationship of Money, Workplace Behaviors, and their Myers Briggs Personality Assessments.  

The four Putnam County High Schools are scheduled as follows: 

CHS, September 23 & 24; 

UHS, October 29 & 30; 

White Plains, November 6 & 7, and 

MHS, December 4 & 5.